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英语作文:my english teacher】

My English teacher appears very beautiful and she looks about 40 years old.She has a son.Our English teacher is very strict with us,and sometimes,she is very friendly and kind to us.She is also humorous.On the April Fools Day,she said to us,"you are going to have a holiday this afternoon".Many students thought it true.

Many students dare not talk,because she is very strict.We are afraid that we cannot pass the exam,because the teacher will criticise us if we dont pass.She doesnt give us too much homework,and she doesnt give us too much pressure.Sometimes,we like our Engllish teacher.I like English,and I like my English teacher.


在上课的时候很多同学都不敢说话,因为老师很严格。我们害怕考试不及格,因为老师会批评我们。 英语老师布置的作业不是很多,没有给我们太大的压力。有时 我们很喜欢英语老师。

英语作文:my english teacher】

There are many standards to judge whether a teacher is good or not, such as popularity among students, the scores of students or his or her title. I am lucky to have met many good teachers who have their own characteristics. In my mind, a good teacher first should be rich in knowledge, especially in his or her own subject, which is the basic requirement to a good teacher. Secondly, a good teacher should be patient. As we all know that not all students can do well in study, so that it requires teachers to be patient enough to help the poor students. Finally, a good teacher should be creative and able to keep pace with the times. It means that our teachers should continually get new information and knowledge to enrich themselves.


【英语作文:my english teacher】

My English teacherIm have many teachers now and I love them all,but my favorate teacher,I think she is my English teachter Mis/Miss Gao.She is tall and thin,in my eyes she is most beautiful teacher woman in the world,I love her sweet smile and attractive.So I always feel free in her class.I like her class very much,she often tell us interesting stories in her class,and she teaches us to play English games and English songs,too.since she become my English teacher,Im have madel a lot of progess.I like English,I like my English teacher.