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英语作文:my school life】

How time flies!My colorful junior middle school life is coming to an end. I’m glad to tell you something about my school life.

When I was six years old, I started school. Since I became a student, I have been studying very hard. My parents are quite proud of me.

Now, I study at Wucun Middle School, which is not only modern but also beautiful. The teachers in my school are so kind and hardworking that I love them very much. All the teachers regard us students as their own children. Also they are strict with us and strict in their work. I am getting along very well with my classmates. Whenever we have difficulties in our study, we help each other. I have many interests such as dancing, singing, reading books and playing sports, and I especially enjoy basketball, which makes me smarter and helps me learn faster and better. So I’ve improved my life in this way.

My school life is full of happiness and fun. Although we have some new challenges every day, I’ll try my best to meet them.

【my school life英语作文带翻译】

As you may know, I am going to shool from Monday to Friday,and every day in school I am very busy.如你所知,我从星期一至星期五都要上学,在学校我很每天都很忙.

In the morning,I have four lessons,and in the afternoon I have three lessons.每天早上,我有4门课要上,在下午我有三门课要上。

Of course I take two hours to go home for lunch.And we begin classes at 2:30,the school is over at 4:55.当然,我需要两个小时的时间回家吃午饭。我们班2时30分开始,学校是在4:55才放学的。

After school,sometimes I’ll stay in the classroom.But sometimes I play games with my friends when I go home after school.I think my school life is busy but happy.放学后,有时我会留在教室里.不过有时我会和我的朋友游戏,当我放学回家后,我觉得我的学校生活是繁忙而开心的。

【my school life英语作文80词】

My School Life Hi!I‘m Zhou Jinru,a student of Class 4,Grade 7.At school ,my teachers are very friendly to me.My school life is very interesting.I like it very much. Classes begin at 8:00a.m, I have four classes in the morning. In the afternoon, I have four classes,too.I study English 、math 、history 、art and some other subjects. English is my favorite subjet,and I often speak English with my classmates. But I don’t like math.I think its a little difficult and boring.Do you think so? Can you tell me something about it? My school life My home is far from our I live in school from Monday to Friday.Many people dont like to live in.